Code of Ethics strongly disapproves of any exhibition of dishonest educational conduct, plagiarism, and violation of academic integrity. Our company operates in the spirit of honesty and equality. The Code of Ethics is an illustration of our core company values and the mission statement - introduce students to the best learning practices, as well as solidify a mindful educational culture where there’s no place for cheating.
Illicit activities
No plagiarism
Copyright violation is strictly against the law. The company follows all regulations related to copyrights protection in the digital era.
No impersonation
Our service isn’t meant to impersonate you as a student, as well as mimic your writing style. The papers we do aim to educate and inspire, having nothing to do with identity enacting.
No cheating warns students against cheating and asks them to do their own papers. Otherwise, colleges might be forced to penalize students who cheat in this way, even expel them.
No scam
Our company is 100% legit, with a well-earned reputation that we set a high value on. That’s why such things as a scam, fraud, extortion have absolutely no place on our website.
How to use our service the right way
Get insights into an overall idea or concept of a researched topic;
Have a better understanding of how to cope with a particular type of paper;
Learn the best practices regarding how to find optimal ways to finalize an assignment at hand;
Understand the basics of taking notes;
Receive guidance from a mentor who can direct a student to the right path;
Help devise a professional outline or a writing plan to follow;
Obtain recommendations regarding vocabulary, research methods, and literature required to cope with a task at hand;
Consolidate subject knowledge and fill in the blanks in terms of a researched topic;
Receive reference sources that can’t be found in a college library or online. is NEVER to be used for:
Hiring someone to finish one’s homework on a turn-key basis;
Having someone else impersonating one’s identity;
Turning in sample papers offered by the company as a personally written one;
Buying ready-made examination, test, or lab work results;
Ordering fake financial reports and business/marketing plans.
Want to report a violation?
If you witnessed a case of ethics code abuse, please report the violation using the form below.